Tuesday, September 23, 2008

From dream to nations with the spirit of New

Snowboarding is my blog aged 1 year, that age is still very young. What if the man is aged 1 year and may learn a new way also learn to speak. Not ever be understood, yet still speaks fluent. Understanding the meaning and said it can not clearly understood.

Similarly my blog, is still far from perfect, yet have a clear direction will be taken and what the targets will be achieved, if only want to show off, or share a love or grief or just make a blog that does not gaptek said. I am unbelievably difficult to answer, although this should only It must be the answer. But .... Ah ... it, let other people rate and the only answer.
Starting from the taste was, was diusia towards dusk, and will retire from the civil servants and ditengah2 life of a metropolitan city that everything is measured by time and money. Trying to jump into the farmers to continue to feed the children and a beloved wife later retirement later. Only with his courage in what felt, what is done and what the experience is beside the hopes and dreams tried poured into the blog.

Next question, so I did this ... a farmer or a blogger? Ah .... They go to the meaning of the predicate is EGP, which clearly has passed 1 year, which is full of life with concern, has now had a new spirit in the age before the twilight berpacu to continue to seek knowledge, and knowledge and share experiences and draw from a friend who is in other parts of the world.

They said,
They make me understand,
They give the spirit,
They give directions,
They make my astonishment,
They create a compassionate, and
They create a laugh, also
They asked, and They share knowledge, then, ... ... ..
They are now a part of my life.
Thank you to my beloved friend who knows which is also my best friend is good at more, DetikInet, ForumKompas and in various other forums and mailing lists that have been shared with all my good luck Companions always accompany my all. Amen.
Sorry if less well in English, I make assisted by google translate
If you want to visit the Indonesian language http://blog.agroprima.com/?p=36

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