Wednesday, July 9, 2008


There are quite a few interesting papers from books, magazines, newspapers, etc.. and I give STABILO. The aim is not so easy for others to read back issues that I deem interesting article in the paper or it is:

About Entrepreneur:

Five characters Entrepreneur:

1. Avidly seeking opportunities
2. Dare to take the risk of measurable
3. Creative and innovative
4. Nice work hard
5. Integrity and honesty

Warrent Buffet one of Entrepreneur of the richest in the world once said "In the search for someone to recruit 3 this quality: integrity, intelligence and spirit. But if they do not have that the first and the second will be the last kill .. "

If we choose to become a successful Entrepreneur of the first things that we need to have is confidence and courage to start our first step.

Success is a journey not a destination. When we reach the target, goal, then flee to create a new dream-dream that we can drive and spirit and enthusiasm to achieve.

An Entrepreneur must immediately translate the dream-dream of becoming innovation for the development of the business.

Entrepreneur is a continual learning, studying and learning. Final destination is not a business owner or investor. The goal is eventually reach financial freedom and can reach our dream, dream.

An Entrepreneur of the smart should be able to use the energy and time to reach other people dream. Must have the ability and passion to develop people around.

A new business can be established when the system is able to build a business that is effective and efficient. Entrepreneur is a success depends on the network and our business partners.

One of the strengths Entrepreneur of the smart and successful is the ability to manage a portfolio of assets that continuously develop and grow a lot.

Entrepreneur habits learner is true thanks to God. Say thank you is a requirement that can not be avoided if we want to create a dream or something. Often we had to pray in order to reflect the lack of, when in fact we should pray vice versa with full gratitude for all the blessings in our lives kelimpahanNya.

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