Thursday, October 16, 2008

World Food Day and Independence Farmers

We take over the title of the paper Khudori (The Social-Economic Problems of Agriculture) that the decree was published in Kompas on Thursday, 16 October 2008 in the Opinion column, for more detail can be read here. I’m trying former civil servants, farmers, but it does not have much knowledge in the field of agriculture, read the paper to encourage the development of agriculture in our country.

Perhaps the concept of change in truth there is a paradigm of Food Security to the Food Kedaulatan as expressed Pa Khudori, because the food is not who offers produce, from which food is produced and how important that is available does not care enough food imports or food from their own.

I strongly support the paradigm of food sovereignty, may eventually produce farmers will be protected from invasion import products, with the sovereignty possible food will get better facilities in the access to capital and technology also is the first since the expectations of the farmers.

However, a question that shocked the Government developed in this era of globalization? Can protect farmers. Attendance Law No. 7 / 1996 on Food, with the hope that the birth of food security, but that there is the ever self-sufficiency of rice to be imported rice.
So once again the waiting farmers not change the paradigm of the future only so retorikan and political commodity, but something tangible that can be felt.

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