Friday, August 29, 2008

Drops Interest Study Agriculture

Lucky I reminded by my friend Riki, there are two news (28/08/2008) at the SK Kompas Teropong column to respond to the news of the previous lack of interest in the young generation today to enter the world of education in the field of agriculture.

If there is a chance he:

Bp. SA Students Sembiring S-3 Program Study of Economics of Agriculture IPB SPS; Lecturers Unika St. Thomas, Singapore, his writings: "Why Interest Agriculture study shows?"

Commission Chairman Benjamin Lakitan Technical Field National Food Research Council since 2005. "Losing Power Pull Agricultural Education"

We know the discussion here.

But what he said is correct, I remember my past, after graduating from high school (1975) many friends I invite the incoming university, majoring in agriculture. What a show by the time I was? farming, wrestled to the ground, dirty, etc..

Time is running (currently 2008) many of my force (1975) that there is success in the Ministry, so it was Director of the institution, etc.. their successful education in the field of agriculture, he said that there have to S3.

But ... but .... I'm so dreamy and a little laugh, the same as my goal, but want to get a different degree. Why pensive and laugh? ... yes. where contributions to agriculture. Living with wealth and high positions and holds title degree of agriculture. But what happens in the real farmers, can be seen from some of our farmers by anyone in the rice fields, fallow rice fields, heat, rain. etc..

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