Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Anticipating Agribusiness in the Global Era

I do not have long to make the post accidental and are reading the book titled Agribusiness theory and application essay Dr. Soekartawi. In the last chapter there are some things that need to be for the want of trying in the field of agriculture in the global era. The same as what I read the official what I feel and a natural in running the business in the fields of agriculture, for example, flooding the products abroad in the land of water.

The things that need to be anticipated:

  • The importance of the mastery of technology and information.
  • Increasing number of key read in the agricultural sector
  • The increasing changes in consumer preferences
  • The price changes quickly
  • The small agricultural land Increasing awareness of health causes changes in the quality of agricultural products
  • Changes in climate/weather that is now starting unpredictable
  • Financing agricultural business that is expensive because of the high-cost economy

Sorry if less well in English, I make assisted by google translate If you want to visit the Indonesian language

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